Assessments that work

Skills Matter

Skills + Fit = Productivity

People build a business.

New people grow a business.

The RIGHT new people grow it faster.

Don’t Guess. Don’t Hope. Know.


Assessments that Work.

It’s not magic. It’s not AI. It’s science and logic.

People that Fit

Perfect for companies who are overwhelmed with applications or who need to fill a large number of roles. Based on our experience, you’ll hire most of the candidates matching your key employee characteristics.

Benchmark Your Best

We benchmark your best. Then modify the assesments to reflect those attributes. Assessed applicants are immediately ranked and sorted by how they compare to your company’s unique benchmark.  

Easy to Know

See the personality traits that matter through 48 questions. Is this an independent person, or a team player? Are they likely to be outgoing, or more reserved? You can discover a lot about someone in just a few, quality minutes.

soft skills hard skills

Our Approach to Skills……

Hard skills are unique to your company.

Soft skills too.

You’ll train people, right?

Test Skills

Our parent company, CareerNet has the tests you need to verify your candidates’ skills. Each test is available in 3 levels of proficiency. We’ve selected tests to match those requested by our clients. They include tests on a variety of skills and subjects like MS Office apps, computer literacy, reading, math, language, health care, legal, retail, food service, safety,  HR and recruiting, accounting, book keeping and many more. Soft Skills too! Use them before you onboard. Contact us for the full list and details. 

Mind the Gap

We hear it from all enterprises. People with the right skills are not in the hiring pool. That may be true for big box, mass market, resume collecting companies advertising themselves as recruiters. They claim able to find 10 qualified candidates in minutes. Really? You know the results. Our clients wanted more, much more. So we not only test their short list candidates to identify skills gaps, we also provide the certified training to fill those gaps. Only a True Career Network can do that.

Train & Certify

Applicants asked for training delivered their way. Increasingly that means positive reinforcement and smartphone – the device that’s with them all the time. We’ve answered that call for tens of thousand motivated workers and applicants in most industries and fields. For applicants from 10th grade to masters levels. Our training delivers the learner / skills outcomes your enterprise needs – and we certify that training to internationally recognized standards. That’s how we do it.

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Learn from the best, empowerbring CareerNet’s World Class Certification to your new hires. 

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