To the frustrated HR pro, the hiring pro, the recruiting pro, we offer our experience and findings to you in an effort to stop today’s race to hiring mediocrity.  

Our Mission

To improve hiring outcomes for our clients and candidates.

our mission

Statement of Purpose

A Crisis of Confidence

We are operators. We are recruiters. We are creators of ATS software and job boards. We’ve participated in and contributed to today’s talent acquisition industry.

We watched closely and engaged occaisionally in the evolution of social media and its relationship to big box job boards. 

We have experienced the limitations inherent in on-line search.

We’ve witnessed the fall of discourse and the degredation in on-line honesty.

And then we watched as companies relied upon these sources as key elements to their hiring selection process.


A Crisis of Our Own Making

The results were not surprising. 

People became data, to be parsed and key word identified. They became data points attached to profiles to be easily deleated or auto-responded to.

Resume pools became massive electronic stacks of speculative and questionable data. The solution offered?  More technology.

And AI? It will likely double the amount of questionable resume and profile data in our “click-to-apply” world.  

A generation of recruiters and HR professionals do not know another system. They are out there using the same key word search to find the same questionable resumes attached to even more questionable social media profiles. Then feeding them to your ATS. 

It’s a process that is only as good as its data. Which isn’t good.  

We Just Stopped

Internally we called for a hard stop. We KPI’ed. We communed. We tested, reconfigured and tested again.

Then, we made a hard choice and pivoted to a balanced approach using the best of tech in combination with great recruiting techniques and processes.

It worked. The new system enabled us fast passive and active sourcing of best available candidates who pro-actively pre-qualify and are productivity fits for any organization.

Our clients began interviewing qualified, motivated candidates and reduced their focus on tech as the main solution.  

The goal is simple, to bring our clients truly pre-qualified candidates they could Just Interview.

On average, organizations who work with us…

Save 30+ Days in Hiring Time

Save 50%+ in Recruiting Costs

Interview Better Candidates