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Our Own Experiences

We, like many, initially attempted to configure and modify our business to fit the feature sets technologists believed were important.

We took technology’s lead in a people business.

The results were unfortunate, just as minds greater than our own might have predicted.

  • Solutions became bloated
  • Solutions became pretty to look at.
  • Solutions created far more work than time savings.
  • Solutions were incapable of improving hiring results.
  • Solutions required significantly more time investment and self-learning than expected.

Worse, people became data, to be parsed and key word identified. Resume pools became massive electronic stacks. The more tech, the bigger the electronic file stack.

In short, the promises of technology and its application to a people business never lived up to the promises.

We decided to fix this.

just interview

It wasn’t easy. We looked at our own recruiting KPIs. Identified the problems. Then went about solving for these problems.


  • We built a process for creating benchmarks unique to each company and position.
  • We optimized our search to combat tech creep.
  • We focused on pre-qualification solutions that work.
  • We placed our professionals first and moved our tech to second.
  • Then we tested our new solution against our own hiring practices adjusting it monthly, and testing again.
  • Then we went after recruiting costs. Our clients saw savings often more than 50%. And hiring times drop by even more than that.
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