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1.  Information

2. Job Descriptions Services use

3. Job Posts External Distribution 

4. Just Interview emails to you

5. Emails to Applicants 

6. Employer Services

7. Billing

8. Applicant Behavior

9. Information

10. Qualification, Assessments

11. Communication

12. Governing Law

13. Class Action Waiver

14. Imdemnification

15. Pledge

Date: May 8, 2023

Just Interview Terms and Conditions of Services

The following terms and conditions apply to all companies and their employees who access or use the Just Interview service. 

For purposes of this agreement (the “Agreement”), all references to “you” or “your” shall mean you, the individual or organization or company that has retained Just Interview for the purpose of recruiting or sourcing applicants using the Just Interview service (the “Service” or “Services”). All references to “Just Interview,” “CareerNet,” “us” and “we” shall mean CareerNet Global Inc., a Florida incorporated and domiciled corporation, CareerNet Global Ltd., a United Kingdom Limited and domiciled corporation (both referred to collectively for these purposes as “CareerNet”) and all those employed by, or authorized to perform Services for, CareerNet and are assigned to perform the Services for your organization. The use of the “Parties” shall mean you or your organization, “Just Interview” and by extension, CareerNet .” 

  1. Information 

Just Interview uses an established proprietary hiring system to match ideal candidates to the positions you require. We named this service Just Interview. Our system works to identify and bring forth ideal applicants to perform and fit within your particular business culture and environment. These applicants are sourced through a variety of means both external and internal. In order to meet these standards and bring you the best available and qualified candidates, the Just Interview Service and our employees assigned to you and your organization rely upon the accuracy of your statements and information and also rely upon your communication in our recruiting efforts for you. We expect, as do you, that information exchanged between us is accurate and that any amendments or changes to that information be shared with us in a timely manner. 

As such, the Just Interview team will not assume any liabilities due to inaccurate information, lack of communication or lack of timely response by organizations using the Just Interview Service. For the purposes of this agreement “Information” shall mean accurate communication and data by and among the Parties, and by you or us in communication with candidates and applicants. 

2. Job Descriptions and use of the Just Interview Service 

You agree to provide Just Interview with accurate job descriptions for job or employment openings. Just Interview may use this job description in the form provided or, with your approval, edit or amend the description provided in order to better source qualified candidates to fill your job or employment openings. You further agree and consent that Just Interview may differentiate those candidates by using qualification questions created specifically for your job openings. Just Interview may ask for your assistance in creating these questions but will not require your approval to create and post them as qualifiers in sourcing applicants. We may also amend your job descriptions to improve the numbers and quality of applicant responses for the benefit of your company. You agree that we may also use some or all of your job description language in the future for other companies’ job descriptions. 

We may offer suggestions, recommendations, or information to you that may support or improve your experience using the Just Interview system. You understand that these offerings are provided as a courtesy and without warranty, and your use of such information is at your sole discretion. 

As an employer, you are responsible for your use of the Just Interview system and any tools offered therein, including your decisions regarding your job description, the requirements for your job, and whom you interview or hire. We assume no responsibility and disclaim all liability for any actions you take based on any information provided by you or us. 

When you view, send, store or receive materials (including job descriptions, resumes, and messages), or our employee does so on your behalf, through or using the Just Interview system, we may, for example, use such materials for data analysis, quality control, or to refine the Just Interview system or any other CareerNet product or Service (including to provide better search results and other listings for applicants and employers), whether via automated means or otherwise. 

3. Job Posting External Distribution 

Just Interview may, through its web sites and job board and recruiting partner affiliates, elect to post jobs to more than 40 unique job boards. Each job board has its own unique limitations and requirements when accepting job description(s). We will use our best efforts to meet these unique requirements, but we are not responsible for additional amendments by you or by us or requirements of the unique job board or applicant site that may limit, deny, or remove your listing from an affiliates’ job board. 

Just Interview is not responsible for and disclaims all liability if your job description is used improperly by a third-party gaining access to your job description by virtue of our recruiting efforts or by virtue of actions taken by a job board affiliate. The job board listing and applicant matching business is large, robust, and automated. We cannot reasonably monitor this activity, nor can you rely on us to do so. As such, your posted job description(s) through Just Interview may contain additional language requiring the limitation of its use by unauthorized parties. 

4. Just Interview Emails to You 

 By using the Just Interview system, you agree to receive email updates from Just Interview of any sort relating to your job description(s), recruiting, future recruiting, and services which may support your recruiting, training, employee retention and employee services efforts. 

The domain name for Just Interview staff will only be @careernet.com or @justinterview.net. We are aware that other organizations may use domain names in their email addresses that include the name mark “CAREERNET” as part of their email address. These are unauthorized individuals using the CareerNet name without approval. CareerNet will not be held responsible or liable for any communications you or your employees engage in outside of the @careernet.com or @justinterview.net domain emails. 

In some instances, we may assign multiple employees to your account, and you acknowledge that you may receive email communications from multiple justinterview.net or careernet.com accounts.  No other emails received by you regarding your job description are approved by us or CareerNet. 

You represent to Just Interview that you or certain members of your company using the Just Interview System are authorized representatives of your company and may communicate with us by email. We may require you provide us with a list of approved contacts who are employed by your business and share your organization’s domain name within their emails to us. 

You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Just Interview staff or CareerNet from any allegations, claims, actions, suits, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, settlements, judgments, costs, and expenses (including without limitation attorneys’ fees and costs) that result from the sharing of your contact information across third party or affiliate websites, including any purchases made under your account. 

You further agree that CareerNet and Just Interview assume no liability regarding the accuracy of the statements you make independently of the CareerNet Just Interview system as relates to applicants provided to you by CareerNet. 

5. Emails to Applicants who Respond to Your Job Description(s) 

 Just Interview may send emails to applicants who respond to your job descriptions. Emails may be automated or written specifically by us. You agree that we may send notices to applicants interested in, or who respond to, your job description. These emails may include any information we at our discretion believe will advance your hiring success. 

Importantly, we may, through emails to applicants, inform an applicant that you have taken an action, for example, with regards to a job description and you hereby consent to us communicating such information. These actions may include but are not limited to: declining applicants, closing job openings, cancelling interviews, or changing pre-qualification requirements or questions. 

We, further, do not guarantee delivery of emails, your receipt of an applicant’s emails nor the delivery of your materials to the applicant whether by email from us or email from your company servers or any other name server including but not limited to @gmail.com, @aol.com, @outlook.com, @yahoo.com or other web-based emails. Mistakes in the transmission, filter or storage of the related emails or data are not under the direct control of us and as such you are solely responsible for checking your inboxes to view job applicants and other information. 

You agree and acknowledge that any notifications, such as emails, that you may receive about applicants or concerning any other recruiting or training activities from other organizations are not approved by us and therefore we assume no liability as to their accuracy unless they originate from a @careernet.com, @careernetnation.com or @justinterview.net name server. 

6.  Employer Services, Including CareerNet Nation, Just Interview, Applicants, and Screener Questions 

 You agree that, as a service to applicants, we may activate Just Interview system functions for use in connection with your job descriptions, and that any applicants who wish to indicate an interest in such job description(s) may only do so through Just Interview, CareerNet, and CareerNet Nation, and that we will send qualified applicants and their applications to you through the email address(es) you provide us. Our system is a proprietary collection/group of candidate management tools deployed as part of our applicant qualification process. 

You agree that by using such candidate management tools, you are instructing us to assemble the candidate’s application materials, resume, answers to screener questions, assessment responses, skills assessment responses, video interviews, video recordings of interviews, and other information you provide to or request of us into one or more files for your review and for our review and storage. You further agree that we are not responsible for maintaining or storing such application materials on your behalf, and that you are responsible for your own compliance with any applicable record retention requirements once applicant(s) information is/are delivered to you by us. 

By authorizing us to use our candidate management tools, you are providing information to us and requesting and authorizing us to make available such information to the applicable candidate.  Additionally, you consent to any information shared through us being processed and analyzed by us according to this Agreement and our Privacy Policy. We may store such information regardless of whether a job vacancy has been filled. 

You are responsible for the content of your emails, application form, screener questions or their format, company pages that you create, any job descriptions that you post separately from those you deliver to CareerNet. We do not require, nor do we expect exclusivity of your job listings. However, we are not responsible for any matters, legal or otherwise, created by your efforts or efforts of additional affiliates you may retain in recruiting for the same position. We consider these efforts to be independent from our own efforts in recruiting for the position(s) you engage us to fill, and we are not responsible for your internal or external recruiting efforts or actions which are independent of our own. In connection with our services, and any messages that you send or that we send on your behalf as part of its use to applicants or others as may be your need, you agree that we are not responsible for such content or information you provide and therefore we disclaim all liability for such content or information, including as to whether such content is legal. You agree that we may reject or remove any job description, any part of a job description, or any questions for any or no reason. You will be given a reasonable opportunity to discuss these changes in advance of the actions taken by us. Please review your responsibilities to communicate in Paragraph 1, Paragraph 4, and Paragraph 10. 

7.  Billing 

Upon our acceptance of your first payment, which we list as a Mobilization Fee for Just Interview Services by us, you agree that your company is responsible for the full payment and ensuing payments as set forth in the Service plan that you agreed to. The recruiting and placement business is highly competitive. Our pricing model is proprietary, confidential and for your eyes only. You acknowledge that the disclosure of our pricing system to our competitors constitutes negligence and may cause irreparable damage to our companies. Our pricing is unique to your organization and the positions you retain us to fill. They do not apply to other companies we may work with or for in similar capacities. Additional pricing information may also be located in our FAQs. 

We also reserve the right to offer promotional discounts to our clients or potential clients on a one-off basis. The promotional discount may or may not be available to your organization due to any number of factors which we may determine at our sole discretion. 

Change of Address or Credit Card Information: If you have provided a billing address to us, and you change such billing address from an address within the United States to an address outside the United States, or from an address outside of the United States to an address inside the United States, you will continue to be bound by this Agreement with the same CareerNet pricing policies you agreed to upon initial payment. 

To the extent permitted by law, if you have an unpaid or outstanding invoice or account balance for any of our products or services, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of that product as well as any other product, including but not limited to those products where you do not have an unpaid invoice or account balance. You agree that we may elect to apply (i) penalties for late payment as per contemporaneous US Federal Reserve interest rates plus 10% or the maximum interest permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction, whichever is lower and (ii) a statutory lump-sum indemnity for recovery cost, if provided for under applicable laws, and (iii) any reasonable expenses and attorney fees we incur collecting such late payments. 

8.  Applicant Behavior 

You agree that we may take action to try to identify and reduce spam job applications, and that one method of doing so may include job questions specific to your company or industry or in certain cases at your sole request imposing a cover letter requirement for such applicants. There are other proprietary methods we use in our efforts to combat spam and click to apply functionality. We do not know an applicant’s motivation for applying to your job description, and thus will use considerable efforts to filter inaccurate applications from accurate applications. However, we provide no guarantee as to the applicant’s qualifications or interest in your job description other than those qualifications which may be reasonably screened in our recruiting process. 

9.  Information Provided by Us on our sites or through email or social media. 

We may provide some information and content to users, followers, subscribers, or potential applicants for informational purposes only on our blogs, through social media accounts, by newsletter or text. For example, but without limitation, we may provide applicants with data regarding estimated salaries for a given job description or the number of applicants to a job description in blogs or newsletters or emails, along with any information or content we may believe or determine to be useful for its applicants, readers, or potential applicants.   All such content provided by us in such formats or delivery platforms is for informational purposes only, and they are subject to change and may vary in levels of accuracy when reviewed at different times by readers of our content following such posting. Should you discover or believe information concerning your company as described in our blogs, newsletters, or emails to be inaccurate, it is your responsibility to notify us of the perceived error and request that the content be amended or corrected. 

10.  Qualification Tools, Assessments and Job Skills Testing 

We use screening tools and provide the results of those applicants’ screenings, when applicable, to you prior to, during and after the application process, including qualification questions, benchmarked assessments specific to your company and the position you are hiring for, and job skills tests. 

Upon agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Service you authorize us to use the Just Interview Service and screening tools and you solely make the determinations of whether to use any resulting screening results in your recruiting process. These tools may include but are in no way limited to, the job description itself, the application process, pre-qualification questions, assessments and skills tests administered to your applicants under standards set solely by CareerNet. You hereby agree to these standards but further that you will inform us promptly (within 1 business day) should you have concerns about these standards, in which case we will use our best efforts to address your concerns. If you decline to use any of our qualification tools or services, decline to use our suggested qualification questions format or do not respond to our inquiries concerning your job descriptions and pre-qualification questions as may be directed to your organization, you are assuming full responsibility for the results of your hiring decisions and process. 

You further agree that you are the sole party to authorize and determine which answers will qualify a candidate. By way of example, while our applicant pre-qualification process may include our designed and recommended, substantive questions, ultimately such qualification questions shall be deemed your questions and are not being asked by CareerNet. You are solely responsible for your use of the Just Interview Service including any results which are considered to have a “disparate impact.” You further acknowledge that you are responsible for offering alternative methods of screening, if so, required by the Americans with Disabilities Act or any other equivalent or similar law. 

While CareerNet is guided by WCAG 2.1, Level AA in our efforts to design and develop accessible offerings, as outlined in the accessibility statement, we do not warrant that the method of delivery of these questions is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act or any equivalent or similar law. We use our best and reasonable efforts to be compliant with these evolving laws and recommendations in our efforts to uphold our equality and diversity statements. You agree to indemnify us for any and all claims arising out of our use of a screening tool, including any claims that any screening tool does not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act or similar law, or that such screening tool results in a “disparate impact”. 

11. Communication with Applicants Sourced by us. 

While we communicate primarily by email, our applicants as individuals may indicate that they prefer to communicate by voice call, video call or SMS text. It is your responsibility to recognize our applicant’s preferences when disclosed by us to you and to manage your interview process directly with them. While you may receive messages, emails or email notifications and SMS texts if available and phone calls from us concerning applicants and your applicant’s activity. In all cases, such messages or notifications are provided to you for immediate action. For example, if you wish to interview an applicant, it is your responsibility to follow up with the applicant separately to ensure they know about the interview and that you do not rely on notifications through our Services. While we maintain or keep a log of email transmissions for at least 1 year, we disclaim all warranties with regards to the transmission or storage of such notices, to you and applicants applying for your job openings through our services beyond 1 year (365 days). Beyond that time, we do not guarantee their storage for your review. 

We also are not responsible for your communications with applicants we refer to you.  

If you request that we send or receive communication on or through the Just Interview Service on your behalf, you agree to this communication being processed, analyzed, reviewed, and stored, including via automated means for data analysis, quality control, enforcement of the Just Interview Services’ rules and our other internal policies, content moderation, and to improve the service offerings or any other one of our services. 

12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution 

 This Agreement and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or related in any way to the Just Interview Service will be governed as to all matters, including, but not limited to the validity, construction and performance of this Agreement, by and under the laws of State of Florida, if you are located in the United States or located elsewhere but subject to personal jurisdiction within the State of Florida; we may at our discretion choose to apply jurisdiction to and under the laws of England and Wales if you are supported primarily by CareerNet’s UK office. 

You agree to waive your right to file a pre-suit discovery proceeding seeking a user’s identifying information from us. If you intend to propound discovery seeking user information from us, you agree to do so pursuant to a valid federal law or the laws of the State of Florida. You further agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the appropriate Florida state or federal courts for such discovery proceedings. 

If you are located in the United States, you also hereby waive any right to a jury trial in connection with any action or litigation in any way arising out of or related to your use of our services provided to you or these terms of service. 

If a dispute arises, either party may demand arbitration in Miami-Dade County, State of Florida, in front of an arbitrator mutually agreed upon by the parties. 

13.  Class Action Waiver 

By using our Just Interview Service and in return for the Services offered by us, you acknowledge that we can only offer you these Services under the terms and conditions presented herein. As partial consideration for your use of our Services, and subject to applicable law, you agree not to sue us as a class plaintiff or class representative, join as a class member, or participate as an adverse party in any way in a class-action lawsuit against us regarding your use of the Just Interview Service, and hereby waive any rights to do so. If you do not agree to any part of these terms, do not continue your use of the Just Interview Service or any of our services. Nothing in this paragraph, however, limits your rights to bring a lawsuit as an individual plaintiff, including in small claims court in Miami-Dade, State of Florida, subject to the preceding arbitration provision. 

14.  Indemnification 

You shall, and hereby agree to, indemnify, defend and hold harmless CareerNet, its agents, affiliates, and licensors from any claim or liability (including without limitation reasonable legal fees) arising out of or related to: (a) your violation of any term of this Agreement; (b) your use of, and access to, the Just Interview Service or any CareerNet product, program, or service; (c) your loss of, or disclosure of, information gained from using the Just Interview Service or any CareerNet product, program, or service; (d) your violation of any laws or regulations, including but not limited to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, any applicable employment, equality, or discrimination laws, and any applicable data protection or privacy laws; (e)  your violation of any third party right, including without limitation any copyright, property, or privacy right; (f) any claim that your content caused damage to a third party; (g) your actions as an employer, including without limitation doing or not doing the following: screening, hiring, promoting, or demoting any employee or applicant; or (h) the activities of any third-party service providers you engage to assist you with activities related to your use of CareerNet products and services, such as, but not limited to: facilitating your sourcing activities or tracking the conversion rates of applicant through to job applicant. This defense and indemnification obligation will survive this Agreement and your use of the Just Interview Service or any CareerNet product, program, or service. 

15.  Pledge 

 The Agency does not discriminate in the acceptance or referral of candidates based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability, or any other protected status or characteristics.